Have parking to spare? List a space today and you could make $1000s in the New Year.

Turn Concrete Into Gold

Kirb is the best way to rent out parking. Our iPhone app was a first in on-demand parking. Today, Kirb helps space owners across the country unleash $1000s in extra income.

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Los Angeles is Cashing In


Live in a sweet area? List your assigned space or driveway and earn hundreds per month based on a schedule you choose.

Small Businesses

When your customer parking isn’t used, it collects dust. Rent out just a few spaces with Kirb and you could earn $5,000 or more per year.

Valets and Lots

Own a parking business? Use Kirb for higher occupancy, plus the ease and assurance of customers who can reserve parking in advance.

Space Owner Stories

“I turn my Kirb space on when I’m at work and make enough extra money to cover my utilities. It’s ridiculously easy. I usually don’t even notice when my space is being used.”
Gabrielle, West Hollywood

“We have a small parking lot at my store but it’s usually never full. We pull in cash every day from our empty spaces. Kirb is totally hands-off. Love it.”
Jonathan, Venice

“The best thing about Kirb is that it’s invisible. I can check on activity in my space from my phone if I want. Otherwise, Kirb makes me money when I look the other way.”
Marcus, Silver Lake

Getting Started is Easy

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Add a Space. Start Earning.

Turn your space on when you want cash and off when you don’t.

Safety and Security

Keeping our space owners comfortable means keeping them informed. Anytime your space is on, you can check the app and see who’s parked there. You can also check past and future activity and report issues right from your phone.

Take a minute to read the Kirb Code of Conduct. We created it to help owners and drivers use Kirb enjoyably and safely.

Long-term Parking

Kirb is the best way to find monthly customers. List your space and we’ll help promote it so you lock down renters fast.