Policies & Safety

May 10, 2016 - 1 minute read

What are Kirb’s safety and security policies?

Keeping our drivers and space owners safe, secure and happy requires cooperation from everyone in the Kirb community.
Take a minute to read the Kirb Code of Conduct. We created it to help owners and drivers get the most out of Kirb, while respecting each other’s property, ensuring everyone’s safety and practicing common courtesy and respect.

What is Kirb’s policy related to damaged property?

If you believe your property was damaged by another Kirb member, tap the ‘Report an Issue’ button on your Kirb app. If appropriate, we will connect the two parties involved. Members must resolve any property damage matters privately.

Kirb is not responsible for damage to members’ parking spaces or vehicles, nor any other personal or public property surrounding the use of the Kirb platform.