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Kirb Code of Conduct


Keeping our drivers and space owners safe, secure and happy requires cooperation from everyone in the Kirb community. We created the Kirb Code of Conduct to help owners and drivers get the most out of Kirb, while respecting each other’s property, ensuring everyone’s safety and practicing common courtesy and respect.

Compliance with the law

Kirb members must, at all times, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of Kirb members to know and become familiar with the laws and regulations that apply to them.

Kirb will not condone the activities of space owners or drivers who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical practices. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. Kirb does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public scrutiny.

Kirb members uncertain about the application or interpretation of any legal requirements should seek appropriate legal advice.

Kindness and respect

While Kirb and its members go to every effort to ensure a mutually enjoyable experience using the platform, sometimes disagreements and miscommunication occur. Kirb does not tolerate treatment between its members that is anything but professional, courteous and respectful.

Personal property

Kirb does not condone mistreatment, mishandling, abuse of or damage to personal or public property. This includes but is not limited to Kirb member parking spaces, member vehicles and any non-member personal property in the vicinity of a Kirb space or Kirb member vehicle. Kirb will not tolerate damage to any public property, including public sidewalks, streets, street signs, public surfaces, buildings and vehicles belonging to public agencies or public officials. Damage to any property will be immediately reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Members that observe damage should report these violations to appropriate law enforcement officials.

As drivers using Kirb to park, it is expected that you treat each parking space you use as if it were your own and that you not abuse, damage or mishandle this property in any way. As a space owner, it is expected that you do not abuse, touch or handle in any way a Kirb member’s vehicle.

Kirb is never responsible for damage to members’ parking spaces or vehicles, nor any other personal or public property surrounding the use of the Kirb platform.

Anti-harassment and non-discrimination

Kirb will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse or harassment of its members or any member of the public, including public officials and civil servants.

Kirb does not condone discriminatory behavior, such as refusal to provide parking space access based on a person’s race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. If we discover this type of behavior, the Kirb member responsible will be permanently removed from the Kirb community.

Similarly, Kirb will not tolerate disrespect of any kind amongst Kirb members and between Kirb members and the general public, including public officers and civil servants. This may include but is not limited to making inflammatory, harassing, threatening or otherwise derogatory remarks about any person or group of people. Violence of any kind will result in immediate and permanent removal from the Kirb community, as well as appropriate law enforcement intervention.


If any time you experience a situation that requires emergency attention, immediately stop what you are doing and call 911 or the preferred emergency services number in your area. Once everyone is safe and the situation is being addressed by the appropriate emergency response authorities, you may notify Kirb and we will assist in whatever way we can.